Software Factory Methodology for Software Vendors

You are the expert in your field and the needs of your clients are unique. During our more than ten years of experience, we have developed a methodology that allows us to produce prime software. Our methodology consists of the following phases:



We first listen to and understand your business and technical requirements, reviewing and defining them in detail. We discuss various technical options and agree on the general approach for the phases that will follow.

Inputs: Statement of requirements, interviews with key players, field observation, existing documents.

Outputs: Complete and validated specification of requirements, high level overview of possible technical solutions

Based on the agreed specification of requirements we design the technical solution in detail, incorporating your technical and business guidelines and taking into consideration variables such as time, budget, human and technical resources, etc.  We can develop prototypes for you to visualise the solution. The Solution Functional Specification and Development Quote, the deliverables of this phase, are then discussed with and approved by you.

Inputs: Detailed specification of requirements, technical and business guidelines.

Outputs: Functional Specification, prototypes if needed, development quote.

Our experienced team of systems architects, project managers, developers, and quality assurance engineers, work together applying development standards and methodology based on industry best practices. They interact with you to deliver a robust solution that satisfies the requirements and adheres to the agreed functional specification.

Inputs: Requirements and functional specifications, prototypes, feedback from key people.

Outputs: The software solution, installation and operational documentation, user training materials, updated functional specifications.

Throughout the development project we have quality checkpoints which ensure that the software will not only be bug-free, but also that it fulfils the agreed functionality.  We run a thorough factory acceptance test (FAT) before we hand over the software to you. Then we work with you on a user acceptance test (UAT) so you can validate that everything works as expected.

Inputs: The system and its documentation, test plans

Outputs: FAT and UAT results

Depending on your case, we can help you in one of the following ways:

  • We install the software that will allow you to deliver your service
  • We design and implement the delivery channel for your software product
  • We give you a packaged product for you to deliver

Inputs: The software solution, commercialisation requirements, etc.

Outputs: Installed system or software product ready to deliver, applicable documentation.

Total satisfaction assurance

As part of our total satisfaction assurance effort, we will request feedback from you and all parties involved at relevant milestones of the development project, to ensure that we are fulfilling your expectations at all levels.