Case Studies

Although we can develop systems using a wide variety of technologies, we specialise in using Microsoft technologies to design and build mobile applications, websites, web-services, desktop applications, components, and anything in between. However, if you have particular technical or commercial reasons to utilise other technologies, we are happy to comply.

The following points describe different occasions in which DS PRIMA has provided the best technical solutions according to the needs of our clients.


Integration between ERP and production area

A large resources company had a need to link their existing and evolving ERP with their production facilities. DS PRIMA solution: A reliable store/forward solution ensures that production data is transferred reliably and in a timely manner, despite the possibility of network breakdowns.

ERP Integration
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Production-capture system

Large mining company needed to replace manual production capture processes with an automated and secure system. DS PRIMA solution: Integrate existing hardware and software with new components to form a complete end-to-end solution.

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Logistics control system

Transport Company required a system that would allocate storage space to materials being received based on complex rules and then track the stock movements both within and outside of the plant. DS PRIMA solution: Build a system from the ground up integrating hand-held devices, wireless communications, a central application server and database, and the client’s ERP system.

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Custom stock-count for unsupported POS

Retailer with multiple shops has distributed POS (Point of Sales) but no technical support for it. DS PRIMA solution: We studied the existing system and found points where functionality could be added or improved, such as developing stock count functionality as a plug-in, using small hand-held scanners, and a utility to import the stock data into the POS.

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Integration of in-house application with Financial Market Data system

Large Financial Services client required an interface between their existing pricing application and the feed provided by a well-known market data vendor. DS PRIMA solution: We purpose-built a reliable real-time data feed handler.

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Implementation of FX Trading platform with various customisation and integration points

Consulting job in which we collaborated in the implementation of a third-party foreign exchange trading platform for one of their bank clients. Full understanding of the platform and creative customisation/integration provided an effective solution.

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