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PROmptus -Medical is a ground-breaking platform that allows you to evaluate your patients’ health progress by getting them to respond to expertly designed questionnaires – Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROs) – online.  This is done systematically before, during and even after treatment, in a way that patients and practitioners find quite straightforward.

What are PROs?

PROs or PROMs (Patient Reported Outcomes Measures) are validated questionnaires whereby patients self-report about their health condition, including symptoms, functional status and quality of life. PROs are the most effective way to measure health outcomes directly from the patient’s perspective.

Straightforward and fully secure

This is how PROmptus -Medical works:

1. Your patients respond to online questionnaires about their medical history and current condition before their first appointment. You get to see that information on your computer screen during the consultation. No more asking patients to fill paper forms to be captures manually and at worst never make it to you.

Patient responding to a questionnaire about his current condition.

2. At consultation time and based on your initial diagnosis, you assign PROs or other questionnaires to your patients, which they will answer online on their own time and preferred device; PC, tablet or mobile. PROmptusTM will use their answers to calculate baseline scores.

Patient responding to a PROM about Quality of Life related to his knee injury

3. During and after the treatment period, your patients will respond to follow-up PROs and you will get to see the comparisons against their previous scores at any time. Your patients can also have a peek at their own health progress.

Practitioner’s view of patient results after a second follow-up PROM. Scores are shown per domain and can be displayed per item as well. Coloured scores and tendency graphs facilitate interpretation of results at consultation time.

4. You can use the collected and stored data for clinical research purposes or for service quality evaluation.

Patient’s view of own results right after finishing responding to a second follow-up questionnaire. Only total scores and history of previous questionnaires are shown  

Secure, friendly, integrated and personalised


  • PROptus -Medical is secure as Fort Knox; it adheres to security standards of privacy and confidentiality
  • It is truly user friendly; practitioners and patients find it very easy to use
  • It can be integrated into your current health electronic record/practice management systems or be used as a stand-alone solution
  • We can brand it and customise it to your specific needs. Have a look at PROmptus -Medical customised and labelled as RePLAY for the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre (OPSMC) in this trailer:

Enter the new era of healthcare

  • Patients improve awareness of their condition and engage more in their recovery
  • Practitioners develop a greater understanding of the results of their treatments to assist in their decision-making
  • Practitioners are able to perform clinical research in a real world environment
  • Achieve better and sustainable patient-centred health outcomes

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